Office 365 Password Tool v0.1 Released

Edit: v0.2 is available now!


The Office 365 Password Tool was designed for easy bulk management of Office 365 user passwords. Resetting passwords for multiple users from a GUI has never been this easy. After adding the intended users to the password reset list, choose from three methods to reset their passwords. You can either generate random passwords, import passwords from a CSV file or type the passwords individually into a form. When you’re finished with the options, just click one button to reset all of the passwords on your list. This tool is the perfect solution for delegated password management for Office 365.

This application was built and compiled using PowerShell Studio 2015 from SAPIEN Technologies.

Testing was performed with an environment containing 400 users. Load times will be longer for larger environments.


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Features (v0.1)

+ Change multiple Office 365 user passwords at once
+ Search your organization’s user list for specific users
+ Set one-time or permanent passwords
+ Users belonging to any administrative groups are hidden
+ Supports multi-selection

System Requirements

Features to be Implemented

– Option to email administrator a list of changed users and passwords when random is selected
– Option to export a CSV of all changes made in the current session
– Interface customization
– Re-sizable GUI
– Loading screen when importing user names

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